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LA 001: How to Influence Anyone to Do Anything

LA-001-How-to-Influence-Anyone-Header-medium.pngI walked to the front of the meeting room past my muttering colleagues.

My hands clammy, my shirt beginning to soak with perspiration in the air-conditioned room. Blinded momentarily by the projector, I faced my audience. Their faces raptly attentive as they waited for the first words to come.

I noticed my boss as he glanced at his watch. A phone buzzed in silent mode on the table and all eyes were drawn toward it. Someone muttered an apology as he picked up the errant phone and read the...

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Be a Better Influencer


Some people are just more naturally empathic than others” the CEO brusquely informed me. “It’s not personal, it’s business” he went on quoting that bundle of joy Donald Trump. “They should know what’s good for them, and do what I suggest. Why should I have to influence them or show empathy?”

The CEO pushed back his chair as if our session were over. His company was struggling. Several key staff had recently departed and were working for a competitor. He still insisted that empathy was not...

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e-Learning is Dead! Why We Need to Flip The Corporate Classroom Now


Beyond Blended Learning, today's leading organisations are flipping the corporate classroom.

Are you going to be sidelined?

Let's throw up some startling statistics.

prefered-formats-medium.pngPreferred format for learning in the Henley Business School 2016 Survey

The Henley Business School Corporate Learning Survey in 2016 shows that:

  • Desire for online only executive development remains very low at less than 12%
  • Desire for project-based l&D stays steady at 33%, similar to experiential programmes at 29%
  • Blended...

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The Elephant and Rider - How to Influence Change

Have you ever wondered why it's so tough to influence change?

Why is it, that with our very best intentions, we still find it difficult to make changes that we know would be good for us? It seems that it’s down to our inner elephant.

I’ve borrowed the analogy used by University of Virginia psychologist Jonathan Haidt in his wonderful book The Happiness Hypothesis. Haidt says that our emotional side is an Elephant and our rational side is its Rider. Perched atop the Elephant,...

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The EDGE Development Framework - How to Guarantee Business Impact and ROI from Learning and Development

The AdvantEDGE development process or framework evolved from my doctoral research into the best way to develop managerial and leadership competence.

The way we develop competence, our ability to do something effectively goes through four key stages.

And we can plot these four stages on a simple 2 x 2 matrix

The vertical axis is our competence in something, and the horizontal axis is our consciousness of being able to that thing.

Essentially, it’s about how well we know how we do...

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What Do You Do when You Can't Find the Time or Motivation to Grow and Develop?

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One of biggest issues I hear from programme participants is that they are simply too busy to take time out of their schedule to develop themselves.

They get frustrated because they want to get better at some aspect of their leadership capabilities, or their management skills so that they can SAVE the time they currently don't have because they don't have enough time to get better and practice.

Their daily work lives are filled with meetings, travel, rushing from one meeting no another,...

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