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When Enough is Enough (and How to Retake Control of Your Time)

Today is your birthday!

OK, maybe it’s not actually today, but happy birthday anyway. This is the one day a year when a few people, your mum and maybe an aunt, send you an actual birthday card. Remember those? Real physical cards. Heck, nowadays people can’t even be bothered with an e-card. but I digress.

This week you’ll learn how you can retake control of your time and get back at least 20% of your work life to enjoy doing other things that matter.

Let’s get back to your birthday. At around...

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Pooh

Recently, I spent a few days being completely cared for. I was allowed to do nothing for myself. Forced to lay in an uncomfortable bed, unable to get out being tied in via neck and arms to machines and tubes, with more tubes coming out of my body. And all the time I was intensely aware of every single passing second. Every beep and gurgle, ever waft of air and alarms, oh the alarms.

My senses were hyper alert in an environment that had simply too many parts clamouring for attention.

Yes, I...

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Are You a Controlling or Controlled Leader?

“As long as you do everything exactly the way I want it when I want it, you can do it any way you want whenever you want.”
The Head Chef told me on my first day in his kitchen. There was to be no ambiguity, no doubt that there was one way of doing things, and it was his way.

I wasn’t there to express my creativity and brilliance. I was there to follow orders and comply with any and every demeaning request. With his first sentence, my new boss had stripped me of any personal control and all...

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Why Win-Win is Lose Lose (and what you want instead)

Welcome to another edition of the Leadership AdvantEdge.

And this week I’m challenging the idea that a win-win solution is an ideal to strive for.

if everybody wins, there is no new value created. It is merely exchanged. if everybody wins, there is no new value created. It is merely exchanged.

Whether you are negotiating a business deal, starting a new venture, having a debate with your kids or your partner. We’ve been fed a lie for years. And that lie is that we should always aim to get a win-win solution.

I win and you win. Should be good right? The trouble is...

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The Secrets to Being an Exceptional Presenter

What makes Exceptional Presenter?

It’s all about being “natural” or “charismatic”!

It is, you’re right of course. So shall we mere mortals give up then?

It is true that some people appear “natural” and “charismatic” when they deliver a talk or presentation. But they usually neglect to tell you the real secret of their confidence and “natural” ability: that they are exceptionally well prepared, and have fine-tuned this and practised it multiple times.

I know, because I am one of those people.


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e-Learning is dead! Why We Need to Flip The Corporate Classroom Now!

flip the corporate classroomBeyond Blended Learning, today's leading organisations are flipping the corporate classroom.

Are you going to be sidelined?

Let's throw up some startling statistics.

Prefered formats Preferred format for learning in the Henley Business School 2016 Survey

The Henley Business School Corporate Learning Survey in 2016 shows that:
  • Desire for online only executive development remains very low at less than 12%
  • Desire for project-based l&D stays steady at 33%, similar to experiential programmes at 29%
  • Blended...

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The secret Keys to Getting (the right) Stuff Done

I am an excellent procrastinator!

I can put things off for absolutely no better reason than I don't feel like doing them right now. Of course, I have plenty of excellent excuses, and I believe all of them.


Spreadsheet you can use to implement the five secret keys

Until I choose not to.

So I force myself to do the stuff I don't really feel like doing and keep at it until I do feel like doing it. Until that moment where I can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I learned the...

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How to Communicate with Impact and Influence

Communiocate with impact and influenceIdeasare the currency of the 21st century.

Your ability to communicate your ideaspersuasivelyis thesingle greatest skillyou need to accomplish your dreams

Spreadingyour ideas in the 21st Century requires a 21st Centurymodel of communication

Let me introduce you to HUGS

HUGS Model To Communicate with Impact we need to use HUGS

Neuroscience research using brain scans reveals that stories stimulate our brains, enabling the speaker to connect with the audience and making it likely that the audience will...

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I'll Believe it When I See it!

960x640 Headers template (5)In almost every workshop I run, someone will raise their requirement for empirical evidence or “solid proof” before they will commit to applying the tools and techniques that will bring them benefit.

We often desire more evidence that something will work before we are prepared to commit resources to it. Being willing to trust something without certainty is a red flag to the brain. Specifically, your anterior cingulate cortex is struggling to find an amenable memory connection to success and...

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How Shared Situational Awareness can make or crush your future

960x640 Headers template (7)In this episode you will recognise dysfunctions observed in your business, organisation or team and be able to remedy them relatively easily and quickly.

But first, let me share a moment in my own life when my personal situational awareness was severely compromised: I was teetering on the edge of the abyss, the breeze felt like it was gently mocking and luring me over the cliff and down to the unwelcoming rocks beneath. It was so tempting to just let gravity take charge and give over to the...

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