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Why use simulations? Because lectures and case studies don't cut it!

In spite of the extensive evidence, it seems that traditional lectures, use of staticcase studiesand 'knowledge transfer' continue to be the main methodologies used by teachers and trainers.

It is time to change. Gen iY is here and if we continue with last century methods, we have little chance of being their guides of choice:

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Busting Stress

The best rides always have a long queue and you look with disdain at a group of 'bullies' who cut the line and push in front of you.

Instantly your threat response fires up and you feel the urge to fight back, or perhaps give up and walk away from thespot you have been holding onto for the past hour.

Most people say nothing externally, muttering to themselves about how unfair it is and what they would like to do. Yet meek and mild you keep your head down in case the 'bullies' turn on you.


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