AdvantEdge Online Courses

The AdvantEdge Guide to Finding You

Choosing to Create the Life, Career or Business that you Want

The AdvantEdge Guide to Finding You is a series of five tutorials and exercises designed to help you: understand your own strengths, talents and abilities. To know what you want

  • Understand your own strengths, talents and abilities.
  • To know what you want to achieve in your life, career or business and to 
  • Choose to take Action to Make Your Choice Happen.


SGD 54.49

1 on 1 Going Digital Fast Track Coaching Session

90 minute private coaching session to fast track your Business Transformation

Two x 90 Minute Fast Track Coaching Sessions with John.

Fast Track Coaching is laser focussed on getting you and your digital product to market rapidly. These are intensive coaching sessions designed to take you very rapidly through any part of the Going Digital Process.

Going Digital Protege Programme

Personalised 1-2-1 and Group Online Coaching programme to Promote, Produce and Profit from your first Digital product

31 Day Going Digital Challenge

Time to Break Free from Billing by the Hour

31 Day Going Digital Challenge.

The Foundation Course of the Going Digital Protege Programme.

Designed to guide you to identify your ideal digital product or service that your identified target market both want and need and are willing to pay you that you will thoroughly enjoy creating and delivering.

This is a home study programme with online and email coach support.

USD 497.00