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LA 029: Do you Want to Impress People or Make an Impact?

If you think that you are too small to have an impact, try going to be with a mosquito in the room. - Anita Roddick

Size Doesn’t Matter; Impact Does

When you think about thought leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, or even Oprah, it’s tempting to conclude that YOU couldn’t make very much of an impact in the world like they have. After all, they are special. They are “big”. I couldn't possibly do what they have done! And while you may not be...

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LA 076: Where Is That Buck When you Need One? How to be an Accountable and Good Leader

President Harry S. Truman had a famous sign on his desk that read: "The Buck Stops Here." A clear indicator that he accepted accountability for all the decisions of his administration. There are leaders like Truman in politics and organisations today, though not many.

Accountable Leadership Onesize (1).jpgAccountability starts with honesty. Being able to set aside personal pride and admit your own mistakes and being honest first with yourself, and then to all of those you serve as a leader.

It shows that you can be trusted as a...

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La 040: Five Ways to Let Your Courage Set You Free


Courage is the root of all freedom.

It takes courage to dream big dreams… no matter your past, circumstances, or what others tell you. It takes courage to go after what matters. And when the going gets tough and obstacles crop up (as they always will), it takes courage to press on.Any time you go after what you really want, your doubts and fears will surface. That’s just part of the experience. You must ignore the voices that say “turn back” or “give up now” or “this is too hard.”

It is...

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LA 072: Hacking Neuroscience to Re-Inspire Your Get Up and Go

We all want an inspirational leader. Someone to look up to, to give us hope and direction. A leader who engages us as individuals and treats us well, but most of all makes us want to be better.

But what if that leader is you? And today you're feeling a bit blah. Everything's sort of "meh" and you'd like to just hang in there for the time being and let Future Self take responsibility for that.

instant inspiration zapping

We all go through phases in life when our mood is uplifting, positive, dynamic and we feel like we...

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Strive to Leave a Legacy or Chase After the Wind?

Strive to Leave a Legacy

Stress! Do you suffer?

Of course you do.

How much is caused by others and how much do you cause yourself?

When you really think on this, you uncover some rather painful truths about stress. Most of it is caused by yourself.

Like you. I like to place demands on my performance. Far greater demands than I would ever allow anybody else. Well perhaps my wife would debate that, but I don’t demand so much from other people.

Like you, I have a desire to leave something of a legacy. I want to achieve...

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A Brush with Life

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Proverbs 4:23, NLT

21 days ago, I finally realised the truth of this Proverb. 21 days ago, I was dead.

The surgical team fought hard and shocked me rudely back to the operating table. Choosing not to proceed with the second stent in my heart, in case I refused to come back next time.

That Friday morning was typical enough. A possible flu bug I was fighting but nothing untoward.

rider-carrying-elephant.pngI went to fetch something for lunch, a...

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