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Trust and Collaboration

How to Raise your Level of Influence

“Leadership is influence”

according to John C. Maxwell (Maxwell, 2010), and you can raise your level of influence with others.

The Five Levels of Influence

The higher your level of influence with someone, the easier it is to lead them.

The 5 Levels express a way to understand and organise your leadership growth.

Each of the levels build on the previous one and you can only progress to the next level once you have mastered the previous level. As you go higher it is easier to lead...

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Diligence Means Success

stencil.simplero-header (2).jpg

Imagine being 10 times richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined! Not possible? But it is!

There’s plenty of books on Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, to discover how they made their fortunes. All you have to do is create the next critical component of everyone’s lives, or invest in absolutely the right thing at exactly the right time. The track records and phenomenal success of these businessmen are inspiring, yet how can we apply this to our own lives? Yet, there’s...

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LA 062: Why Win-Win is Lose Lose (and what you want instead)

Welcome to another edition of the Leadership AdvantEdge.

And this week I’m challenging the idea that a win-win solution is an ideal to strive for.

stickfiguresagreement800clr7114-300x287 (1).png if everybody wins, there is no new value created. It is merely exchanged.

Whether you are negotiating a business deal, starting a new venture, having a debate with your kids or your partner. We’ve been fed a lie for years. And that lie is that we should always aim to get a win-win solution.

I win and you win. Should be good right? The trouble is...

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LA 015: The Power of Trust to Succeed

the power of trust to succeed.jpg

Trust is the most fundamental building block of any relationship whether in business, politics, marriage, family or friendships. In the real world, trust signifies different things to different people but it frequently boils down to one point: trust is essential to your success.

Once lost, rebuilding trust is one of the most difficult things to accomplish for the reason that the thought of the betrayal can forever haunt the aggrieved. Rebuilding trust is definitely tough, but it’s not...

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LA003: How to develop good relationships as a leader - Roles Leaders Play

How to develop good relationships.jpg

"And what do you do?"

How many times have you been asked this question? How many times have you asked it? My guess is more than once or twice.

roles leaders play - overview.png

We all play a number of different roles. Some are well developed, others less so. Using the right role in relation to another is critical for healthy relationships and better leadership.[/caption] When answering this question, most people respond with their job title or their job function: I'm a banker, I'm the CEO, I'm a teacher. Or they launch into...

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Is Empathy any use?

Are you brave enough to really get in touch with our own fragilities. We've all heard how we need to be more empathetic with others, to truly understand what it is like to walk a mile in their shoes. But what is it and is it actually any use?


"theintellectualidentificationwithorvicariousexperiencingofthefeelings,thoughts,orattitudesof another." Dictionary.com
So what is empathy really and how is it different from sympathy? Empathy means that we need to become vulnerable, which...

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