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LA 063: When Enough is Enough (and How to Retake Control of Your Time)

Psclops Birthday cake2.pngToday is your birthday!

OK, maybe it’s not actually today, but happy birthday anyway.

This is the one day a year when a few people, your mum and maybe an aunt, send you an actual birthday card. Remember those? Real physical cards. Heck, nowadays people can’t even be bothered with an e-card. but I digress.

This week you’ll learn how you can retake control of your time and get back at least 20% of your work life to enjoy doing other things that matter.

Let’s get back to your birthday.

At around...

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5 Componenets of an Effective Team

Teamwork Matters

The synergy IllusionOrganizations accomplish what they do because ofteamwork. Whether you are in business, sport, education, the church and even marriage – teamwork is what paves the way to success. What a leader can do with a great team far surpasses anything they can accomplish alone. As a leader learns how to unite the right people around a shared vision, their influence truly begins to take off.

[Tweet "One is too small a number to achieve greatness. Dr John C Maxwell"]

According to Dr.John...

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