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LA 065: The Secrets to Being an Exceptional Presenter

What makes Exceptional Presenter?

It’s all about being “natural” or “charismatic”!

It is, you’re right of course. So shall we mere mortals give up then?

It is true that some people appear “natural” and “charismatic” when they deliver a talk or presentation. But they usually neglect to tell you the real secret of their confidence and “natural” ability: that they are exceptionally well prepared, and have fine-tuned this and practised it multiple times.

I know, because I am one of those people.


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Be a Better Influencer


Some people are just more naturally empathic than others” the CEO brusquely informed me. “It’s not personal, it’s business” he went on quoting that bundle of joy Donald Trump. “They should know what’s good for them, and do what I suggest. Why should I have to influence them or show empathy?”

The CEO pushed back his chair as if our session were over. His company was struggling. Several key staff had recently departed and were working for a competitor. He still insisted that empathy was not...

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LA 063: When Enough is Enough (and How to Retake Control of Your Time)

Psclops Birthday cake2.pngToday is your birthday!

OK, maybe it’s not actually today, but happy birthday anyway.

This is the one day a year when a few people, your mum and maybe an aunt, send you an actual birthday card. Remember those? Real physical cards. Heck, nowadays people can’t even be bothered with an e-card. but I digress.

This week you’ll learn how you can retake control of your time and get back at least 20% of your work life to enjoy doing other things that matter.

Let’s get back to your birthday.

At around...

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LA 062: Why Win-Win is Lose Lose (and what you want instead)

Welcome to another edition of the Leadership AdvantEdge.

And this week I’m challenging the idea that a win-win solution is an ideal to strive for.

stickfiguresagreement800clr7114-300x287 (1).png if everybody wins, there is no new value created. It is merely exchanged.

Whether you are negotiating a business deal, starting a new venture, having a debate with your kids or your partner. We’ve been fed a lie for years. And that lie is that we should always aim to get a win-win solution.

I win and you win. Should be good right? The trouble is...

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LA 059: e-Learning is Dead! Why We Need to Flip The Corporate Classroom Now

flipp the classroom feature.jpg

Beyond Blended Learning, today's leading organisations are flipping the corporate classroom.

Are you going to be sidelined?

Let's throw up some startling statistics.

prefered-formats-medium.pngThe preferred format for learning in the Henley Business School 2016 Survey

The Henley Business School Corporate Learning Survey in 2016 shows that:

  • Desire for online only executive development remains very low at less than 12%
  • Desire for project-based l&D stays steady at 33%, similar to experiential programmes at 29%
  • ...

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The Secret to Keeping Online Course Participants Engaged to the End

"Nobody uses it!" cried the head of Learning Technology.

That was way back when I was working alongside some of the brightest and best in developing online learning tech at the Henley Management College (now the Henley Business School).

But my own students were using it. Over in Singapore where I was running the Asia Pacific arm for the Henley MBA programme. We were using the exact same platform with the exact same content. But there was a big difference.

We were running at 87% of...

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How to influence someone you don’t know well—4 universal appeals

How to influence anyone and everyone

In this episode we are exploring how you can influence and motivate anyone or everyone.

We're even going to learn some lessons from the President of the United States and just how he won the election.

Jeff sat on a bar stool at the front of the room. He had no slides, no props, just sat and talked. Within minutes, he had everybody in the room on the edge of their seats eagerly nodding and ready to follow him wherever he went.

None of us in the room had met Jeff before. In fact, none of us...

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Strive to Leave a Legacy or Chase After the Wind?

Strive to Leave a Legacy

Stress! Do you suffer?

Of course you do.

How much is caused by others and how much do you cause yourself?

When you really think on this, you uncover some rather painful truths about stress. Most of it is caused by yourself.

Like you. I like to place demands on my performance. Far greater demands than I would ever allow anybody else. Well perhaps my wife would debate that, but I don’t demand so much from other people.

Like you, I have a desire to leave something of a legacy. I want to achieve...

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