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What's Better Today?

How to Grow and Learn into the Leader You Can Be

Imagine that you are stressed out, overworked, overly pressured and don’t get the recognition you deserve.

This may be so close to reality that you won’t find it hard to imagine!

You want to grow in your career, but trapped by your current lifestyle and there’s a genuine fear that you may be close to burning out. One day, a friend mentions that she has been helped by a coach and suggests that you do the same. At first, you resist. You've seen the hundreds of articles and adverts promising a silver bullet solution to organise your life, reach your dreams, orchestrate your career and get on top of your life.

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The Ultimate Guide to Facilitating LeaderShifts!

Great Leaders ask Great Questions - and here they are

At any time during a session with your client (boss, staff, peers, colleagues, customer, stakeholder, kids), you may find yourself in a new place. A place with your client that doesn't seem to have a template available in their mind. This is the time to use this question template.
For many situations, you can ask just one question. Remember that your client already has all the resources they need to achieve their results. They have the knowledge, the experience, the wisdom, the emotions, the resilience and the abilities. Remember this piece of wisdom: "When in doubt, let the client figure it out". Ask:

"How can I be of service now?"

For anything else: use this Ultimate Guide to facilitating LeaderShifts!
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6 Premortem Questions for the Perfect Presentation

The Perfect Presentation is Possible for You too

You want your presentation to be perfect.

At the end of your presentation you want your audience to _______________ .

But how can you make certain that ____________ is what you get?

You hack your presentation before it fails by using these 6 questions.

PS. If you don't know what ________ is, then check out PIMP My Presentation


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Why Goal Setting Matters

Why having a SMART Goal actually makes a real difference to achieving your success

Exactly why does goal setting matter? Does it make a difference in someone's success in their life?

This research-based LeaderShift! Guide shows you precisely why goal setting matters and the best hacks to describe your goal so that it unsticks your success.


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The Elephant and Rider

How to Lead Change, when Change is Difficult

Nobody likes change! 

Why is change so difficult, especially in the corporate setting?

How do you get someone to change their behaviour, unstuck old habits and sustain a new, better way in the future?

It's time to hack your elephant, teach your rider and shape the path to unstick change now.


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Reframing with the Five Attitudes

How to resolve intractable issues and relationships

How do you deal with difficult people?

Some folk are so stuck in their ways and attitude that unsticking that relationship and getting them to do the things that matter is, well, exhausting.

But it doesn't need to be that way. Most often, we simply need to reframe the relationship and situation with one or more of these Five Power Attitudes.


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PIMP my Presentation

Using the 16 Box System for surefire winning presentations

Your ability to present information to others in a clear and concise manner is the differentiator for your future success.

People who are good at presenting are noticed and they get things done.

People who are great at presenting lead movements and change the world.

So how do you make sure that your presentations skills are unstuck? Hack your way to success by PIMPing your next presentation.


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Keeping a Journal

Emulate the Greatest Leaders of All Time

Have you noticed that the greatest leaders of all time all have memoirs? 

Do you think that it is by chance that they happen to be great leaders and happen to have kept a journal of their leadership journey?

Or is it that they learned how to hack their success and unstuck their future by keeping a journal?

If you do nothing else in your leadership development, do this and you will be successful.


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I Colour I Listen

Improving your Active Listening Skills and EQ

You know that the best leaders have a high EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

And you know that you should listen attentively to others if you are to lead them well.

But just how do you listen attentively when there is so much else do be getting on with doing?

This expert leadership jack trains you easily and effortlessly to be a great listener and unstuck your EQ to higher levels.


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How to Gain Respect and Win Trust

The Trust/Respect Matrix

We all want to be respected and trude=ted by the people we work with, play with and socialise with.

You know that you are more readily influenced by someone you respect and whom you trust.

But do they trust and respect you?

In this AdvantEdge Guide learn how you can hack their respect and trust to influence others more easily.


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Are You at Cause or Effect?

Choosing to be in control of your own life and success

One of the most common issues faced by people in their lives and leadership is: life happening. John Lennon's famously said "Life happens whilst you're making other plans."

You have a simple choice every day, you can hack your future and create the one you want, or you can accept the one you get.

Choose to be at Cause for your Life.


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