Are You at Cause or Effect?

Choosing to be in control of your own life and success

One of the most common issues faced by people in their lives and leadership is: life happening. John Lennon's famously said "Life happens whilst you're making other plans."

You have a simple choice every day, you can hack your future and create the one you want, or you can accept the one you get.

Choose to be at Cause for your Life.


SGD 5.92 before tax

1 on 1 Going Digital Fast Track Coaching Session

90 minute private coaching session to fast track your Business Transformation

Two x 90 Minute Fast Track Coaching Sessions with John.

Fast Track Coaching is laser focussed on getting you and your digital product to market rapidly. These are intensive coaching sessions designed to take you very rapidly through any part of the Going Digital Process.

Going Digital Protege Programme

Personalised 1-2-1 and Group Online Coaching programme to Promote, Produce and Profit from your first Digital product

Secret Keys to getting Stuff Done Worksheet

An Excel spreadsheet to track your activities and establish a method to prioritise your regular weekly tasks effectively and productively

This is an Excel spreadsheet to use to help you implement the Five Secret Keys to getting (the right) Stuff Done.

It is free to AdvantEdge Vip Members and Leadership AdvantEdge clients.

SGD 14.20