Synergy is an illusion for most teams – it is a dream, a fantasy that is rarely achieved!

synergy joe difference1.pngTeam unity of cohesion and effort is created only when all five team elements work together

Why? Because few people truly understand how to make synergy happen.

We do. And we can help you realise synergy in your team and organisation.

Team leadership should influence performance that is a synergistic combination of individual performance with clear direction (Shared Goals) working under established and Shared Values, knowledge of what and how to undertake the required actions that are shared between team members (Shared Experience) and, critically, an environment that engenders trust and open communication, respect and understanding of each individual’s perceptions of the situation (Shared Situational Awareness).

This powerful workshop uses our trademark simulations and the coaching game and enables participants to:

teamwork2.jpg“Know what makes team unity of effort and cohesion work and what I can do to make it happen”.

Team unity of cohesion and effort is achieved when all six elements are aligned. Such that the shared values support the teams experience to achieve the command instruction, continuously being aware of each other and their own situation – whilst communicating effectively.

This workshop will enable and empower team leadership participants to understand and know what I can and will do about:

  1. 5-areas-of-team-unity-e1418189377459.pngLeveraging the Six Critical Ingredients of Team Cohesion of Unity and Effort
  2. Know the Shared Command Instruction (Goals)
  3. Live the Shared Values
  4. Know and utilise Shared Experience
  5. Establish protocols for Shared Situational Awareness
  6. Ensure Effective Team Communication

Enabling each player to choose how actively to participate and share. The Coaching Game has no winners or losers, but rather stimulates thinking, discussion, and cooperation.

The Coaching Game is both an icebreaker and a breakthrough-maker that generates open, intimate communication, in addition to being a tool for deep processes that uncover hidden layers and bypass logic.

The Coaching Game activates both sides of the brain; working with the game stimulates the full range of thoughts, sensations, and emotions that enable the client to observe his or her point of view, expand it, and see issues being worked on from new angles and vantage points.

In addition, The Coaching Game enables the professional to “telescope” processes and touch essential points precisely yet gently, allowing deeper and more subtle work to happen more directly.

Our long experience in designing effective experiential learning interventions has led to the creation of business simulations within indoor and outdoor experiential activities that provide a non-threatening platform to experience behavioural change in an environment that encourages deep self-awareness, rapidly understood and accepted business metaphors, with immediate application back in the workplace.

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